Tallying Up

One of the creative joys of working with local produce is the exciting array of fruits and vegetables that are only available for a limited time. After making hundreds of jars of jams, jellies, conserves, preserves and chutneys, it dawned on me just how prolific uncanny has been. Here’s a rundown of the local produce used and what they were turned into:


rhubarb chutney, gingered rhubarb


strawberry lavender, strawberry vanilla bean, strawberry with fresh mint and black pepper, berry wine jelly, strawberry with maple


raspberry with chocolate, july jam (mixed berry), raspberry zinger, raspberry and blueberry, raspberry amaretto

Currants, Elderberries and Gooseberry

red currant jelly, red currant orange jelly, black currant jelly, elderberry syrup, gooseberry jam

Peaches and Nectarines

zesty peach barbeque sauce, tropical peach conserve, brandied nectarines, spiced peach spread, peach and vanilla bean, peach rum butter, peach bellini jelly


apricot and plum jam, yellow plum with rosemary and vanilla, prune plum with port


brandied apricots, apricot jam, apricot with kirsch


sour cherry jam, vanilla infused cherry preserve, cherry berry spread, cherry and walnut conserve


blueberry with lime, blueberry with lemon, blueberry and citrus conserve, blueberry and walnut conserve, blueberry and apple spread, blueberry and plum


apple butter, apple and pear ginger, apple chutney, caramel apple, apple jelly


pear with vanilla and honey, pear with cinnamon and brown sugar


holiday jelly, papa jon’s fiery pepper jelly, jalapeno gold, red pepper jelly

Beans and Beets

dilled garlic beans, caraway beets, dilled beets


smoky chipotle salsa


tarragon,  lime and coriander, lemon wine and sage, balsamic


apple mint jelly, nana rose’s coriander thai jelly, rosemary apple cider jelly


port (local) and balsamic jelly, onion marmalade


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