When Life Hands You Green Tomatoes

Make a mincemeat!

My garden is winding down. Where once there was flourishing vegetables and bloomy flowers, now there is wilting greens, frost-touched basil and the familiar sprawl of the pumpkin vine that finally has room to breathe.

It’s that time again. Time to clear out the garden and begin preparations for next year. For us, it’s gathering up the dried up seed pods and saving seeds, havesting the last of the green beans and gathering up the heavy laden Frotinac grapes and turning them into a delicious red wine. The weeding, compost turning and soil ammending will grudingly be done in another few weeks once the smoke has cleared and the last of the summer harvest has been canned, dried, frozen or stored.

As sad as it is to see the summer wind down so rapidly, the tomato vine twisted and bent with heavy, mostly green fruit is for me, the saddest of all. Growing all my own vegetables from seeds in the early spring imbues me with hopes of perfect, sun ripened vegetables as my reward for all the time and energy investing in the vegetable’s infancy. To see those tomato plants already showing signs of distress as the night time temperatures dip tells me I have to act fast to save pounds of soft green beauties just asking to be saved and transformed.

So these babies have become mincemeat and not just any mincemeat, they’ve paired up with apples, pears, citrus, raisins and the most delicious spices and decadent brandy to become the star of the show at holiday parties. A delicious reminder that even the underdog can come out on top.


2 thoughts on “When Life Hands You Green Tomatoes

  1. Fried Green tomatoes and mincemeat are indeed yummy but so is wonderful green tomato chow! It is a favorite at holiday meals or used simply as a reminder at regular meals for those away from home that special memories can exist in a bottle of chow that was canned in love from them to you! There is nothing like it- last Christmas my friend, Karen and I felt that especially as were enjoying Christmas dinner with family and friends and they only knew of store bought chow till we brought out the Nova Scotia speciality! What a hit!

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