Jam Swap, Part II: Aagaard Farms

Jar Full of Yummy with Photo Spoiled by Rookie Photographer

Over at our sister site, 100 Mile Locavores, we’re involved with the Dark Days Challenge, which is where I met Norah, of Aagaard Farms in Brandon, Manitoba.

Canners have a way of finding each other and I’m glad I found Norah because we organized a swap: My Wild Blueberry with Grand Marnier and Carrot Apple Butter for Aagaard Farm’s Nanking Cherry Jelly and Grape Jelly, both from her own farm. Love local jams!

It’s always a great day when jams arrive in your mail box. I couldn’t wait to tuck into the Nanking Cherry Jelly and downing a big spoonful was the best way to celebrate the bright, straight-from-the-garden flavour. Cherry is the one flavour that always makes me smile. It was equally delicious stirred into yogurt and when my husband dolloped it on his scone, he proclaimed the jar his own.

I’m excited to tuck into the Grape Jelly and have no doubt it’s going to be just as great.

Nanking Cherry Jelly in Action


So if you’re in the Brandon, Manitoba area, take a peek at Aagaard farms. They offer CSA packages and if you manage to score some of their jelly, consider yourself very lucky!


4 thoughts on “Jam Swap, Part II: Aagaard Farms

  1. I wonder if you could grow a Nanking Cherry shrub? They are very hardy – Zone 2, I believe. You may actually be too warm! It’s not a big shrub – easy to tuck into the garden at 5 feet by 4 feet. The little cherries are held quite close to the branches; they don’t hang like sour or sweet cherries. I just mash, boil lightly, then into a jelly bag, so no pit plucking! I just adore your wild blueberry – the taste is out-of-this-world! Blueberries don’t grow well here, unfortunately! Do you sell off the website?

    • Hi Norah,

      Thanks for the Nanking Cherry tips – I’ll look into it, especially since I’m loading up my backyard with fruit trees/shrubs this spring, they’d make the perfect addition. I’m really excited to start growing Haskap’s – have you heard of them?

      I do sell jams off the website, I didn’t have a wide enough selection to sell them over the winter, plus, I’m trying to keep it as local as possible, so it limits how much preserving I’m doing. I think I only have one jar of blueberry jam left over and just enough frozen blueberries to make one more batch. Sounds like it’s a winner! I’m so glad you like it, I absolutely love that jam.

  2. Can I pre-order Wild Blueberry Jam for this coming year? Haskups are a really exciting introduction for us in Manitoba. They’re extremely hardy, coming from Siberia! A nice berry ready before our raspberries and nanking/sour cherries.

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