Thinking Outside the Jar: Strawberry Liqueur

Strawberry Liqueur, or more like the makings of it. The recipe is really simple and I’m hoping the results will be fantastic. I’ve handled almost 30 lbs of strawberries this season and I’m coming to the end of my strawberry preserves and with a batch of strawberry wine in process, I was looking for something new, delicious and can be enjoyed in the days ahead. Given that I’m almost 6 months pregnant and currently unable to enjoy this treat, my hope is with the long cellaring, I’ll have something phenomenal to enjoy this winter.  The best part, it starts with some very basic ingredients like these:

Unsprayed, Freshly Picked Strawberries


I’m following the recipe found here at Growing a Greener World by Theresa Loe. She has some wonderful suggestions on other fruit to be preserved and Strawberry Liqueur will not be the last thing I try! I divided the ingredients into 2x1L jars for ease and stored it in a cupboard. I’m excited for the next step in four weeks time. Stay tuned!


4 thoughts on “Thinking Outside the Jar: Strawberry Liqueur

  1. I’m so glad you are giving my recipe a try! My friends and I just had blueberry martini’s the other night with a batch we made last year.

    One suggestion I learned is that if the strawberries are not too sweet at the time of making the liqueur, you should taste the batch each week to see if it starts to taste too bitter. You want a strawberry flavoring, but not a sour taste from under ripe strawberries. If the batch tastes good at less than 4 weeks, go ahead and strain. If the batch tastes bitter, don’t worry. Just add a simple sugar syrup to the mix after straining. (Cook up 1 part sugar to 2 parts water, let it cool and add a 1/4 cup at a time, taste and keep adding until the sweetness is to your liking.)

    Have fun!

    • Hi Theresa – thanks for the tips, I’m now even more excited! That’s fantastic the liqueur lasted so long and I’ll give it a try once blueberry season decends. I have plans to buy some dark green 375 ml bottles for long term storage. I heard a dark green glass won’t discolour the liqueur; how did you store yours? Should I keep this in the fridge, or would a cool, dark place be enough?

      • A dark cool place would be fine. A dark jar helps a lot. I kept mine is a clear glass jar, but in a cupboard. No refrigeration necessary as the alcohol preserves the mixture.

        Also, the last of my blueberry vodka was a bit discolored but was still safe to drink and the flavor was still good. We just HAD to use it up…hence the martinis!! LOL

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