Thinking Outside the Jar: Gooseberry Jam Oat Bars

Life continues to buzz and flutter with lots of exciting activities. Our uncanny toddler is now 2.5 and our newcomer, Sam, is a big, bouncing 4 month old. While I still stare at my kitchen in sheer longing for just one afternoon to play, I recognize the importance of living in the moment with my kids. That’s why recipes that involve my kids are a big hit right now and ones that repurpose jam are even better.

This recipe comes from my dear friend and total kitchen renegade Alyson at Dates and Quinces. I love how her recipes are always full of story and flavour, rich with beautiful photography that inspire me with every post. She made Jam Oat Bars and I loved its simplicity and versatility and bonus for being accessible for kids. Expecting her own child, I’m sure there will be more child-friendly recipes in her future!

Child Labour

The Jam Oat Bars are similar to a date square: an oat and buttery flour base and topping with a sweet filling in the middle. The dough is basic and perfect, with no competing flavours so your jam can really shine through. I went for the gooseberry jam, since it’s often overlooked for its sexy sister, strawberry jam. It was perfect. The brightness added a great contrast to the hearty sweetness of the dough. While any jam works, I like something with a good acidic nip to make the bars really shine.



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